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The Gordon and Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists


 β€œCurrent major forces, both in education and in our society, tend to ignore the value and contribution of art. We must, more than ever, support and encourage the arts in everyday life.”

– Gordon Smith, Canadian Artist and Smith Foundation namesake




Why do we support the arts?

At the Smith Foundation we know art nurtures the growth of individuals, communities, and societies.

Art cultivates our creative process, self-expression, and communication. By engaging with the arts we gain the tools necessary for understanding the human experience, adapting to and respecting multiple ways of working and thinking, developing creative problem-solving skills, and communicating thoughts and ideas. That is why it is crucial to foster a love and understanding of the arts, especially in our youth.

We have an ambitious vision for the future and we are dedicated to our mission, but we cannot do it alone. It will take all of us working together to achieve our goals.

What are we striving for at the Gordon and Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists?


Our vision is a transformed society where innovative and contemporary Canadian art engages, amazes, and inspires our communities



Our mission is to ignite community engagement through exceptional Canadian Art curation and education



Our approach involves three focus areas:


We fund the arts to ensure the continued success of Artist for Kids, the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, and our public programming

We curate innovative and world-class exhibitions of contemporary Canadian art and manage the Arists for Kids permanent collection that exemplifies our diverse artistic and cultural heritage

We engage our community through public programming that connects our audience with art beyond the exhibition, in a truly interdisciplinary experience