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Artful Adventures

This is a multi-media class that has four main components: sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing. The sculptural activities involve using wire, wooden blocks and stretchy nylon fabric. The printmaking process introduces and experiments with various methods to print ink onto paper, such as monoprints, dendritic transfer and collagraphs. These are techniques that use the printing press with both dry and damp paper. The students learn about embossing and mixing printmaking ink. The painting projects use acrylic paint and involve creating painterly textures, while the drawing activities involve using pencils, charcoal and inks. Much of the artwork is created on larger sheets of paper.   

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Currently, Paul is teaching with the North Vancouver School District as an elementary grade teacher. Raised and educated in New Zealand, Paul earned a visual communications design diploma before embarking on a career as a designer, illustrator and cartoonist for various newspapers and magazines in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. He moved with his family to Vancouver in 2001, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts. At UBC, He earned a Bachelor of Education and Diplomas of Education in Art Education and teaching English as a Second Language. His interests include printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

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