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Xwalacktun (Rick Harry)

Xwalacktun_XWAL002_Inchult_Snaam_2014.jpgXwalacktun was born and raised in Squamish. His mother is originally from Squamish and Alert Bay (Coast Salish, Kwakiutl) while his father was Coast Salish (Squamish). Xwalacktun was given his indigenous name by his father, Pekultn, who was a hereditary chief, originally from the Seymour Creek North Vancouver area. This artist gained his skills and education from Emily Carr College of Art and Capilano College, but also feels he learned a lot through trial and error.

Xwalacktun (born Rick Harry) is an artist whose works are recognized internationally. In 2005 he received an honorable award from the North Vancouver Arts Council, which acknowledged his contributions both locally and worldwide. A widely recognized piece is a set of double doors made from yellow cedar, both sides fully carved, for BC Hydro's main building in Vancouver and Burnaby. Harrison Hot Springs Resort commissioned Xwalacktun to complete an original set of doors placed at the entrance of its spa. A 41.5-foot red cedar pole was completed for a new gallery in New Hampshire, USA. 

He created the stunning doors ​at the entrance to the Gordon Smith Gallery. He has been a long-time supporter of Artist for Kids, teaching at our Paradise Valley Summer School of Visual Arts. He created Inchult Snaam, a moulded paper with abalone shell edition that sold out on the night of its launch. He is a cherished member of the Artists for Kids family. 

For more information on Xwalacktun, visit his website​.  

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