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Jun 20
Students’ Art Selected For European Show

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North Vancouver's distinctive Studio Art Academy Program has been inspiring talented young people in our community for years. Now their work is being recognized internationally.

We're delighted to announce that four of our students' works will be included in the Eksperimenta! Triennial Exhibition in Tallin, Estonia this fall. The Contemporary Art Triennial Eksperimenta! is a multi-level international art education project designed for students between the ages of 14 and 21. The mission is to support the development of socially sensitive, critical and creative thinking in society through the unification of contemporary art and art education.

"We were approached to participate by the CSEA (Canadian Society for Education through Art)," says Daylen Luchsinger, Program Coordinatior for AFK. "It's the first time we were invited to be a part of the competition." The students were given the topic of Art and the Economy. As inspiration and perspective, the students visited the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition Juxtapoz x Superflat in the fall 2016.

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The students created their art in January, and the submissions were delivered in February, 2017. The works went through three levels of selection — provincial and federal, then international. "The students were excited to participate," Daylen says. For many of them, it was their first time entering a competition, and certainly one of this stature.

The curators of the Contemporary Art Triennial Eksperimenta! received over 400 applications from 10 countries. Nine works were selected from Canada, of which four were from students in our Studio Art Academy. The works on display will be:

  • "Maps of the Remote" by Aiden Black
  • "Ursula Maritimus" by Victoria Kwon
  • "Student Debt" by Haley Svensrud, and
  • "Canadian Oil" by Sarah Sullivan

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The works will be on display at the triennial exhibition in Estonia from October 20 – December 3, 2017 in the Tallinn Art Hall, the Art Hall Gallery and City Gallery, which are visited by up to 20,000 people annually.

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"We're so proud of our students," says Yolande Martinello, Director of AFK. "They created distinct and thoughtful works that resonated with judges at every level. To think that while still in high school four students will have works exhibited in Europe is an astounding experience for them and their peers. It's inspiring and reflects the power of focused and effective art-based education. Congratulations to those who were selected and all the students who participated."  


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