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Feb 25
Senior Art Enrichment Workshops

In January and February AFK is hosting two Senior Secondary artist led workshops. In these workshops students have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by leading artists. Each year we offer students amazing opportunities like these to work with stars of the local art community.


Painting with Fiona Ackerman, students explore the subject of the surrealist still life. Working alongside Ackerman students create and capture a still life that is created with object from the art studio. They are then pushed to alter and modify their composition through the exploration of painting techniques, playing with realism and abstraction.

Take a look at Fiona's website.


Photography with Birthe Piontek, students explore the subject of fine art portraiture. For three days the Gordon Smith Gallery is transformed into a photography studio where students learn a variety of lighting techniques and are challenged in their understanding of a portrait. Figures, objects in the place of figures become portraits and then are transformed through collage and assemblage to be re-photographed and returned to a 2-dimensional work. Take a look at Birthe's website.



The students will celebrate their learning at an evening exhibition of their work at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art. They will share with friends and family the experience they engaged in with the artist mentors guiding them.


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