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​Th​e centenary of the Readymade is celebrated in North Vancouver three years late!  

The impact that the 1961-62 Assemblage exhibition at MOMA had on Gordon Smith was revived when he saw the Duchamp show at Gagosian (New York) in 2014.  Gordon transformed that experience into the notion that a group exhibition at the space bearing his name on the subject of the readymade would allow viewers a chance to reconsider the idea of the readymade in the context of local artistic practices.  

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The concept of the readymade is contested territory, but the idea itself, whatever we may think qualifies as readymade, has had a liberating effect on art ever since a bicycle wheel was mounted upside down on a stool in 1913.  Whether it was a new genre, a new category or a new playing field, the readymade has been a foundational spice in the stew that has been twentieth-century art.

As Andre Breton said, speaking of Surrealism generally, “The world seems like a cryptogram that is indecipherable only so long as one is not knowledgeable about the gymnastic contortions that allow one to move at will from one piece of apparatus to another.“ (303, MoS)    The changing of the apparatus is key to readymadism, and the particular forms and formulations that the artists in this exhibition present to us will be yet another stage in, if not another final word on, the history, pre-history and future of the READYMADE. 


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