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Primarily Painting

Primarily Painting is an exciting and engaging class that allows young artists to develop drawing, painting, and image-development skills.  Focus is directed towards line quality, colour theory, and exploring inspiring Canadian artists that allow our developing artists to have freedom and confidence in creating artwork.

Students explore traditional and non-traditional methods of image generation, using markers, charcoal, sticks, ink, wax, pastels, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, and many other materials.  Students work on paintings and prints multiple times to add layers of interest and detail through editing and constructive critique.

This course allows developing artists the chance to create a mature portfolio of artwork while having fun, experimenting, and making meaningful connections with their peers.

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Kory Bogen is an artist and teacher from the Vancouver area.  He has studied at Langara College, the Alberta College of Art and Design, NSCAD University, and Simon Fraser University.  Kory has taught many programs with AfK, including Enrichment programs in Architecture, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Ceramics across all grade levels.  His philosophy in art is: "No erasers allowed." Kory teaches at Handsworth Secondary and he likes dogs.

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