The Gallery is currently closed between exhibitions. The Gallery will re-open with its Summer Exhibition on Wednesday May 16, 2018.
Adventures in Drawing

Students will learn to be creative in this fun-filled drawing class. Inspired by well-known artists, students will learn about the personal and expressive nature of drawing, and develop an appreciation and enjoyment for the "act of drawing". In this course, students will learn about different styles and techniques of art making, using a variety of drawing tools and processes. They will also learn about the essential elements and principals of art and design and how to apply them in a drawing composition. In addition, students will practice and enhance their problem solving skills, compositional choices and critical thinking.

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DSC_0003.JPGVeis Dokhani has her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and her BEd from UBC. Veis believes that art education should encourage students' critical interpretation of what they see and allow for the students' idea development, self-expression and visual literacy. Vies aims to bring research and design units that are connected to the contemporary topics, issues and practices. She values and promotes inquiry practice, evoke students' curiosity about the subject and invite questions to promote students' active involvement in learning.

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