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AFK Editions

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"Artists for Kids is the largest producer of fine art prints in the country. 

Their collection has grown to be a true chronicle of art and artists in Canada."

— Greg Murdock, artist

The purpose of our prints

In the late 1980s, a group of secondary art teachers wanted to provide an art school experience in our public schools. They began selecting the most talented students to attend artist-led master classes. Yet schools were facing severe funding cutbacks, and art training was seen by the government as a disposable aspect of education. The founders of Artists for Kids (AFK) were determined to find a way for our students to continue to receive the high-calibre art education that had been proven to be effective and inspiring.

The founders needed to find a financial model, one that would be sustainable and support the educational objectives of AFK. By purchasing a work of art from an artist, then in turn inviting them to create an original, limited-edition print that the program could sell, the founders established a unique and lasting fundraising vehicle. With the art, commitment and support of founding Patron-Artists Gordon Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Bill Reid, AFK was born.

Since that time, AFK has grown into a world-class art program, and the legacy of Canadian art is alive and thriving.

How we develop our prints

Pulling the BAT proof of 'Vancouver' at Burnet Editions, Ne.jpg

Working with a prominent Canadian artist, we acquire a work of art from a contemporary artist for our permanent collection. The artist, in turn, creates an exclusive, limited-edition print or artwork. Proceeds from the sale of these works fund our programs.

 From the release of our first print, Bill Reid's iconic XHUWAJI/Haida Grizzly Bear in 1990, we have grown to become the most significant producer of fine art prints in the country. Since that time, we have published an exceptional collection of prints, including ones from some our country's most renowned artists, such as Gordon Smith, Jack Shadbolt, Kenojuak Ashevak, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossmann and Rodney Graham.

Through our acquisition of works, our artists become part of the Canadian cultural vernacular, and we all benefit from the legacy of Canadian art.  

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