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Nov 09
Picture Window public art by AFK staffer Emily Neufeld

​The work of AFK's Studio Technician and practicing artist Emily Neufeld is now on display as temporary public art at the CBC building in Vancouver.

​​Emily's work.jpg 

Picture Window is a 30-foot by 40-foot diptych that captures a house's life and the memories that were made there. The photographic billboard was installed in mid-October and will be on exhibit for a year. "I wanted to explore the intersection of past and present, memory and creation, loss and renewal," Emily says.  

Emily started on this project in Summer, 2015. The idea began by walking through North Vancouver. "On my street, four houses came down. One of them was the house where Bryan Adams had a garage band. I thought: what happens to that space, to those memories?" From this idea, Emily developed her project. She wants it to provoke questions: what is lost? What is a necessary aspect of densification and affordability? What do we lose as a community? What do we gain? What are the political and social ramifications of soaring house prices?

Emily gained permission to enter a series of houses that was being torn down. In the case of the work at the CBC, "I painted a line through the space, tracing the path an eye would follow as it looks around. The line pauses at an outline of a painting that was removed from the wall. It highlights where the object of life had been." She also discovered a mural in a back bedroom. It showed the faded outline of the furniture that was once there. She captured this image.

In addition to being a Studio Technician, Emily has also worked with our AFK Studio Art Academy students. "Many of our teachers are practicing artists. Their involvement in AFK enriches our programs and the learning experiences of our students. They bring their own ideas of practice into their work with young people, and in turn, are inspired by the young people themselves," says Yolande Martinello, Director of Artists for Kids.

The art is made possible through the City of Vancouver's public art program, the CBC and the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Emily is giving a free artist talk at the CBC building on Thursday, November 10, 2016 from noon – 1:30 p.m. If you're not able to attend the talk, we encourage you to view the work at 700 Hamilton, in Vancouver.  ​

Emily hopes to develop this work into a solo exhibition and a book reflecting Vancouver's disappearing past. 


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