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Oct 04
​George Rammell Shoots for a Pollock


On September 30, visitors to the Smith Gallery viewed the opening of [ab-strak-shuh n] the art and the act. This new exhibition from the AFK Teaching Collection explores aspects of abstract art, viewed through the eyes of some of Canada's most respected artists, such as Alan Wood, Jane Ash Poitras, Gordon Smith, Betty Goodwin, Toni Onley and Douglas Coupland.

As the exhibition is about the act of creating art, as well as the finished work, the show appropriately opened with a performance of art making by George Rammell. From the lobby of the Smith Gallery, guests enjoyed a glass of wine while outside artist George Rammell shot arrows at wine glasses filled with paint, to create a distinct work of abstract art.

george drawing back.jpg

— photo credit: Sina Omidallah, Argyle Secondary Digital Media Academy​

The outdoor space for the performance was built over two days. With an expansive wooden frame to protect the area, and plastic sheeting to create a paint-safe environment, the outdoor 'studio' was a work of art in itself.


George began performance at 6 p.m. Placing a glass of wine filled with paint atop a tripod, he was able to roughly locate the colour on the canvas, but not its precise distribution. With the wine glass filled, he retreated to load an arrow into his bow. Each arrow that pierced a wine glass distributed the paint in an unpredictable manner on the work. 

arrow hitting paint.jpg 

— photo credit: Sina Omidallah, Argyle Secondary Digital Media Academy​

George then rotated the canvas, which caused a distinct dripping effect, and relocated the tripod before choosing another paint combination. Over the course of three hours, he entertained visitors while creating art. The performance was the opening of Culture Days at the Smith Gallery, and the start of a series of events that the gallery hosted over the weekend. 


— photo credit: Sina Omidallah, Argyle Secondary Digital Media Academy

The event was covered in The North Shore News.​

We invite you to visit our new teaching exhibition, [ab-strak-shuh n] the art and the act. The Smith Gallery is open  Wednesday through Saturday, from noon – 5 p.m. The Gallery is closed on Saturdays of a holiday weekend. 


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